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Crete Mower  Richmond Surface Grinder 250mm

Crete Mower - Richmond Surface Grinder 250mm

This 240v Electric Floor Grinder has a 3.0hp motor which is durable & powerful enough to get the job done. When resurfacing small to medium concrete & masonary sufaces, this machine is so verstile & efficient larger machines will be left to gather dust. Some key feature's are a quick release folding handle which makes setting up & packing up a breeze. Water attachment & vacumn attachment for wet or dry application's. A fully adjustable swivelling axel which allows the axel to be turned in either direction in seconds. A quick release blade hub also makes fitting & removing disc's a fast process. The front blade guards are also quick release & made as two seperate piece's to allow the removal of either side for use when finishing edge's of job.

Safety equipment required for usage
Safety Glasses
Ear Protection
Safety Boots

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