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Hilti DCH 180-SL Dustless Dual Blade Masonry Chaser

With a maximum cutting depth of 60mm and an adjustable cutting width up to a maximum of 60mm this dual blade slitting saw is the perfect tool for creating a neat conduit or cable trench in concrete or brickwork.

* Depth gauge for maximum accuracy
* Very high cutting performance
* Low vibration
* Superb ergonomic design makes the tool less tiring to use
* High working comfort and safety
* Perfectly-matched system (slitting tool, vacuum cleaner, cutting discs)
* Double your productivity: two parallel cuts in one operation!
* Keeps dust to an absolute minimum. Connect to a Hilti VC 20-U/VC 40-U vacuum cleaner – dust is collected right at its source.
* Smart Power (DCH 180-SL) guarantees constantly high cutting performance even when the going gets tough. The tool’s built-in electronic control system adjusts power output to suit the material being cut and protects the motor from overload.

Safety equipment required for usage
Face Mask
Safety Glasses
Ear Protection
Safety Boots

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